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       Elyse Knobloch   and   Peter Press

Bas Duo is the collaboration of classical guitarist, Peter Press and flutist, Elyse Knobloch. The duo performs repertoire representative of all periods of music history. Avid supporters of contemporary music, new works of living composers are often featured to bring new sounds and experiences to the audience.

Bas Duo performs concerts and lecture-recitals in and around the New York City metro area. They have been featured artists at Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts, the acclaimed 'Concerts at One' at Trinity Church/Wall Street, and in numerous concert series. Bas Duo has a reputation for creative programming and virtuosic performances that cross over the classical edge.


New CD Release
COLORS: Flute and Guitar Music from the 20th and 21st Century

COLORS is a collection of expressive music inspired by the rhythms and ethnic folk music of Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Argentina, Brazil, and the basque region of France. Living composers featured are Atanas Ourkouzounov, and Jose Luis Merlin. Bela Bartok, Maurice Ravel, Heiter Villa-Lobos and the tango master, Astor Piazzolla, are also featured. Click here to hear samples.

COLORS is available at CDBaby, iTunes, Digstation and other retailers.

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The Bas Duo delivers diverse and well rounded programs using works by composers from Italy, France, Spain, the United States, Bulgaria, South America and more. Their repertoire includes original works and carefully selected transcriptions. Since the middle of the 20th century, there has been an explosion of new compositions for the flute and guitar, and in the forefront are the works of South American composers who have championed this genre.

Works of Latin composers are often a fusion of classical writing, using ethnic or folk sounding melodies and driving rhythms that evoke tango and dance-like essences. These culturally robust works are very accessible and have a unique appeal to both classical and non-classical listeners. Astor Piazzolla, from Argentina, has been a major contributor. His work "Histoire du Tango", for flute and guitar, is a major contribution, and has been transcribed for many other instrumental combinations. Along with "Histoire ..", the Bas Duo performs many other works of South American composers including Maximo Diego Pujol, Celso Machado, and Jose Luis Merlin.

Composers from the United States, France, and Balkan countries in the past thirty years have also made major contributions and these works are becoming more prolific and available through traditional and self publications. These works, along with Latin selections, often have a quality of intimacy that is unique to this genre.

In addition to traditional concerts, the Bas Duo may be engaged for educational lecture recitals. A sample lecture-recital program, "Folk and Indigenous Music from Near and Far" can be found on the ‘events/programs’ page.

The "Folk and Indigenous Music" program begins with an exploration of an old Peruvian song in which the flute simulates a quena. A quena is an ancient Andean instrument that is still used today, and it has a very stylistic way of being played. Other pieces in the program are by composers from Argentina, the United States, Hungary and Bulgaria that reflect a recurring theme of time and place. The concluding piece is a 21st century work that joins the others with strong ethnic colors and folk imagery. The "Folk and Indigenous Music" program can be arranged to last 45 minutes to an hour. Custom lecture-recitals are also available.

Bas Duo is available to assist in projects with other artists and may be available for individual events by request. Please email your request to basduo@gmail.com

Downtown Music at Grace, White Plains, NY ...
"Bas Duo presented an enchanting, much appreciated program as part of our Downtown Music series. Our audience was deeply moved by their carefully shaped performance. I look forward to their next engagement with us."
Timothy Lewis, Director of Music
Caramoor, Katonah, NY ...
"Elyse and Peter were perfectly matched. Her tone, technique and articulation were enviable. The ensemble playing was exemplary and allowed the music to naturally unfold.   Bravo!"
Gary Goodman, Concert Pianist


"COLORS: Flute and Guitar Music from the 20th and 21st Century"

COLORS features sensual works from 1907 to 2006 influenced by the songs, dances and folk music of the composers homelands. Featured composers and their influences are: Bartok/Romania and Slovakia, Merlin/Argentina, Ourkouzounov/Bulgaria, Villa-Lobos/Brazil, Ravel/Basque region of France and Piazzolla/Angentina.

COLORS may be purchased from CDBaby, iTunes, DigStation and other retailers.
Click here to hear samples.
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FAQ: 'Bas' is a 15th century French term for the category of instruments that include viols, lutes, and recorders. 'Bas' means 'low' with regard to volume, not pitch. Instruments in the ‘bas’ category were typically played in indoors. Choosing 'Bas' as a name is a tribute to the historic instruments that have developed into the modern instruments we play today.

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